FairyLand Formulas

Some of the following are formulas I have compiled from various sources.

If you feel a formula is inaccurate or incorrect, please let us know via the forums.

UPDATE: Sorry, fixed the typo, it is STR and not CON for the Max Weight formula. My bad.

NPC Sell Prices: 25% of Retail Price (0.25 * RetailPrice), Rounded down (Trader skills affect this though)

Diviner Magic Levelling: 10% of Spell MP Cost + 1EXP [ (MP Cost/10) +1 ] Rounded down

Max Weight: 1000 + 50x STR [1000+ (50 * STR)] for non-traders,
1000 + 75x STR [1000+ (75*STR)] for Traders.

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